How Often Should You Use Mouthwash?

Mouthwash is a popular oral hygiene product that many people use as part of their daily routine. But the question remains: should you use mouthwash every day?

Do You Use Mouthwash Before Or After Brushing?

When should you use mouthwash? How does it fit into the routine? In this article, we will explain the best way to create a good mouthwash habit, and why you should.

Dentyl Mouthwash and CPC

Dentyl Dual Action is the only mouthwash on the market to contain both CPC and IPM, and provides longer lasting protection for the mouth.

Top tips for teenage oral hygiene

A thorough oral hygiene routine is really important for teens, especially if they’re starting to drink coffee and sugary sports drinks. It’s not just about preventing against tooth decay – poor oral hygiene can lead to bad breath, something than no teenager wants!

The hidden sugar hunt

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Family

Your children’s oral health

It’s never too soon to start introducing your children to the importance of good oral health routines.

Top oral health tips

Make sure your mouth is at optimal health with these oral regime tips.