Everything There Is to Know About Dentyl Mouthwash

Dentyl Active Mouthwash is a mild-tasting, zero-alcohol, anti-microbial fluoride mouthwash. It keeps your breath fresh and your teeth clean and healthy. With a unique dual-action formula, there’s a lot of science behind our two mouthwash products: Dentyl Dual Action and Dentyl Advanced Protection.

With a product as unique as Dentyl mouthwash, there are many questions about what makes our mouthwash so different from other leading brands. The Dual Action formula has two parts: an oil solution and a water solution, that users shake together to mix in the bottle

Frequently Asked Questions about Dentyl Active Mouthwash

There are always more questions to ask, so if you’re still curious about our original mouthwash, you can browse the Dentyl Active FAQs.