Plaque Fighter

This powerful, hard-hitting fighter will step up for you to take on the plaque on your teeth and gums. It’s alcohol-free, it tastes great, but unlike some mouthwashes, it doesn’t sting.

Try Plaque Fighter in two great flavours:

  • Smooth Mint
  • Fresh Clove
Plaque Fighter Packshot

How it Works

Plaque Fighter goes to work for you in four powerful ways:

  • Hits your plaque hard, before...
  • ...helping to shift it from teeth and gums
  • Makes your mouth feel amazing afterwards
  • Has 0% alcohol so it doesn't sting or dry your mouth

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dentyl Active Unique?

Dentyl Active is the original two phase mouthwash. The two phases are oil and water based and when you 'Shake to Activate', the two layers combine to create a cationic reaction to attract bacteria and food particles.

This cationic reaction helps bind the ingredients to bacteria and food particles more than the typical mouthwash to really deep clean your mouth. You can then visibly see the food particles and bacteria in the sink, proof it's really working!

Who invented Dentyl Active?

Dentyl Active was developed by dentists and the world's leading expert in bad breath, Professor Mel Rosenberg. Visit his site at

What are the key ingredients in Dentyl Active?

Two key ingredients in Dentyl Active are Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC), an antibacterial agent, and Sodium Fluoride which helps to support healthy teeth and gums.

Does Dentyl Active stain your teeth?

Dentyl Active is an alcohol-free water and oil based formula and is therefore kind to your teeth and gums. It does not contain chlorhexidine which is known to stain teeth. CPC is a powerful antibacterial agent, the prolonged use of which, under certain circumstances in conjunction with tea, coffee or red wine consumption or any strongly coloured food, can stain any plaque that remains on the teeth. It is recommended to wait for an hour after using any mouthwash before consuming any coloured food or drink.

How long should you use Dentyl Active in the Mouth?

Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and then gargle for 30 seconds.

What does the 12M mean on the back panel?

The product should be used within 12 months after breaking the seal.

I'm not getting any bits in the sink? Is the product not working?

Your mouth is likely quite clean! You'll notice that if you use the product prior to brushing your teeth or after a meal, you'll see more bits in the sink. If you use after brushing your teeth, you should see fewer bits because you've already remove some of the bacteria and food particles.