The Fresh Breath Story

Find out the fresh breath story behind our revolutionary product

How the story began...

About twenty years ago the world’s leading expert on fresh breath, Professor Mel Rosenberg, had the idea of creating a revolutionary new breath-freshening mouthwash with an innovative formula.

His clever idea was to create a double-action mouthwash which combined an antibacterial Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) water solution with a second solution of natural essential oils that freshens breath. Left alone, the two solutions - oil and water - would separate in the bottle.

...where it led to...

Shaken up, the two activate and combine to form Dentyl Active: a scientifically-proven mouthwash that doesn’t just attack and shift the build-up of bacteria, plaque and debris in your mouth, it also helps you see what has been removed once you spit it out.

...and how it continues

The rest is history and now Dentyl Active is available in three great formulations - Plaque Fighter, Complete Care and Enamel Restore.

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